Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin was founded as an alternative to assisted living facilities or nursing homes for seniors requiring additional care. We strive to provide the most reliable, highest quality in-home care service available. Home Care Assistance is North America’s preferred provider of full-time care. Our mission is to provide an intimate relationship and personal rapport with each of our clients and their families throughout southeast Wisconsin. We make the decision for in-home care easy by not requiring long-term contracts and by making our services available 24 hours a day.



light assistance for our valued clients

There is a noticeable void in the caregiving industry for personal assistants. Many of our clients are in the early stages of needing light assistance to maintain their daily activities, like managing appointments on the calendar, making sure there are fresh groceries in the house, transportation to social events and appointments, running errands, or traveling to their favorite vacation spot.

Many seniors may resist the introduction of a full-time caregiver into their lives and are more amenable to having part-time assistance to maintain their independence. Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin has created the role of Personal Assistant to help our more able clients take care of daily activities and maintain the quality and pace of their everyday lives.

Hourly Care Promotes Quality of Life

Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin offers flexible hourly care for senior adults who aren’t ready for full-time care but still need in-home help on a daily or weekly basis. From assisting with transportation and meal preparation to providing companionship and encouragement, our caregivers help ensure that seniors are able to stay at home while remaining safe, comfortable, and happy. Our Care Manager craft individualized care plans that aim to increase overall wellbeing and quality of life by encouraging and supporting all aspects of physical, emotional, and social health informed by our Balanced Care Method™ and Cognitive Therapeutics Method™.


Gail’s* family was at a loss. They had been struggling with Gail’s dementia, Parkinson’s, and her combative behaviors for years on their own, at home. Gail’s family reached out to HCA for minimal support during 3rd shift so her family members could get a much-needed break. HCA recommended Live-In Care; Gail’s family was at a point of exhaustion and had been promised by a well-known memory care facility that their staff could properly take care of all of her needs. The facility told Gail and her family that Gail would be in a monitored environment, 24/7, with dementia experts—there was nothing to worry about.

Within a few months, Gail’s family reached back out to HCA for one-on-one support. Gail had recently returned from a rehabilitation center following a fall in her new facility that resulted in a broken hip. A few weeks after Gail’s hip was finally beginning to heal, she had another fall at night and laid on the floor in pain for hours until the next morning when her HCA Caregiver discovered her, her other hip now broken and her back, fractured. Gail and her family learned the hard way that while some facilities do provide competent care for certain needs, facilities are not set up to provide one-on-one care for each and every client. Where other facilities fall short, HCA provides the finest, most comprehensive, and compassionate care.

*Names have been changed. 

Live-In, 24 Hour Care

Our goal is the same as yours—to allow your elderly loved one to live out their later years with dignity and independence while also being able to remain comfortable and safe in their own home. Our 24/7 live-in caregivers are able to provide the support, monitoring and companionship that your aging loved one needs and deserves while providing you with peace of mind. Our exhaustive screening, hiring, and training processes ensure the highest quality and most dedicated caregivers available. We provide clients with a sense of achievement and prolonged cognitive acuity, fostering a sense of confidence and ease in those we care for. We take the time to carefully match a caregiver to suit your aging loved one’s needs, lifestyle, and personality in order to encourage a long-term companionship.


After Marty* lost his wife, his family worried about him and how he would handle the grief. Before Marty’s wife passed, his family employed a large, well-known, multi-office home care company that ended up being unreliable at best: minimal communication with office staff and caregivers not showing up for their scheduled shifts forced Marty’s family members to fill in at the drop of a hat. The stress of not having the support Marty and his family needed from a care company took its toll on the entire family.

Marty was now alone and heartbroken. His depression wrought havoc on his health. He refused to eat even though doctors warned him, if his weight dropped any lower, they would have to take drastic measures. Marty fought the idea of having a caregiver due to the negative experience he had with his wife’s caretakers—he couldn’t bear the thought of bringing that stress back into his life or the lives of his children. Marty’s daughter was distraught, constantly worrying about her father until her worst fears were confirmed when she found Marty on the floor having fallen out of bed hours before. Marty’s daughter had to do what they all dreaded—bring in a home care team. Marty’s daughter was referred to HCA by a close friend and after meeting with our team, services were set up immediately.

HCA focused first on Marty’s depression and weight loss. After getting to know Marty over the course of the first week, our caregiver quickly realized that both issues were rooted in his profound grief. He missed his wife, their lives together, and her cooking. HCA worked with Marty’s daughter to pull together some of his favorite recipes, creating a cookbook for his caregivers. With the proper care, the right companionship, and familiar recipes from Marty’s caregiving team, Marty began to thrive again and soon returned to his normal weight.

It’s been two years since HCA began caring for Marty; his days are now filled with walks around his neighborhood, tending to his garden, and enjoying homemade meals, sometimes shared with old friends. When Marty began showing signs of cognitive impairment, his caregiver discovered that playing music and looking through old albums reignited his memory, as well as softened him and opened conversational doors.

Marty still gets out into the community regularly and recently celebrated 50 years as a member at his Rotary Club. Since HCA began caring for Marty, he’s never missed a Rotary Meeting—and HCA has never missed a shift. Marty life’s is full again, he is healthier than he ever thought he would be, and his family rests easy knowing they can rely on HCA to always be there.

*Names have been changed.

Round-The-Clock, Awake Vigilance

We understand—caring for a loved one who requires round-the-clock 24/7 awake care and supervision can be a daunting task, one that often conflicts with a daily work schedule, caring for your own family, and all the things you need to do to maintain your own full life. Perhaps you need a more advanced level of professional care for your loved one, including constant supervision with intermittent checks. Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin offers Essential Care for our clients who require extra healthcare monitoring, hygiene maintenance, quality social interaction, and companionship. With Essential Care, our caregivers sit vigil, always remaining awake for routine checks and additional, impromptu requests. We know you’d be there if you could, but we also know your loved ones don’t want to feel as if they’re interfering in your life. Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin serves to bridge that gap, providing the highest quality of care and companionship for your loved ones and easing the pressure on you to be ever-vigilant.


Due to Congestive Heart Failure and other medical issues, Harry* was shuffled between the hospital and rehab for over a year. His hopes of ever returning home and seeing his beloved cat, Fluffy,* were fading. Harry’s sons were worried about their Dad’s spirits and contacted HCA to see if we had experienced caregivers that could handle their father’s complex needs. HCA pulled together a team of skilled and specifically trained caregivers to care for Harry, 24/7 at home. As we left the facility with Harry, a social worker turned to us and said, “Good luck, he’ll be back here soon.” We made it our goal to keep him safe at home for as long as he and his sons wanted.

At home, under the watchful eye of HCA and our dedicated caregivers, Harry grew stronger and began to thrive. Harry’s caregivers took great care of him; they transported him to dialysis 3 times a week, took him to meals at his favorite restaurants, and went for long rides in some of the vintage cars he had collected over his lifetime. While Harry was worried that 24/7 care would strip him of his independence, he eventually saw that the one-on-one support actually gave him his quality of life back.

Before the progression of his Congestive Heart Failure, every year Harry had entered one of his prized cars into his favorite Car Show up north. Now that he was living back at home, Harry had his heart set on attending the show. HCA’s Care Management worked closely with Harry’s family to set health goals and help plan the trip, always with his safety in mind. Thanks to HCA’s compassionate 24/7 Essential Care, Harry was able to attend the car show and lived the rest of his days at home with Fluffy.

*Names have been changed.

Alzheimer’s Care from the Comfort of Home

Mom or dad might be forgetful, but that doesn’t mean they should have to sacrifice their home, independence or quality of life. At Milwaukee Home Care Assistance, it is our mission to change the way the world ages, and one of the ways we’re doing so is by offering high-quality home care to seniors living with Alzheimer’s. In the early stages, our caregivers can help with meal preparation and light housekeeping; later, they can offer compassionate assistance with bathing, dressing, medication, reminders, and mobility. With the right type of support from our highly trained and compassionate Alzheimer’s caregivers, your loved one can continue doing the things they love for as long as possible.

A Leading Provider of Dementia & Cognitive ImpaIrment Care

We provide high-quality dementia care that allows seniors with dementia to thrive in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of home. Our highly trained caregivers assist with activities of daily living and personal care on an hourly or live-in basis and are also trained in our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, a wellness program unique to Home Care Assistance. Unlike other home care agencies, we do not require any long-term contracts, commitments or upfront fees; families have the freedom to select the care schedule that best meets their individual needs, ranging anywhere from four to twenty-four hours a day.


Louise* had been living with her husband in an independent apartment at a well-known local care facility. When her beloved husband passed away, anxiety, depression, and dementia started to descend upon Louise. She would call the facility staff every evening to sit with her as she drifted off to sleep. Due to the extra hours of care the facility was providing, management gave Louise 30 days to transfer from her independent apartment to the Assisted Living area. A different and unfamiliar wing, a new staff, and a higher level of care meant another huge change for Louise.

Louise loved her independent apartment—it was comfortable and filled with beautiful memories of her life with her husband. She didn’t want to move, and her adult children supported her decision by reaching out to HCA for additional care and support. The first Caregiver HCA sent was Bethany,* and it was the beginning of a beautiful, caring, 6-year relationship—one that saw Louise through to her last breath.

Bethany learned that Louise had been an art teacher and immediately planned daily painting activities alongside regular trips to the art museum. Within a few months, Louise’s anxiety waned and her cognitive decline stalled. Louise became a social butterfly, visiting her neighbors and, on warm days, planting small pots of flowers for her balcony. It became clear that Louise didn’t need a higher level of care; instead what she needed the most was a supportive and caring connection—a warm and compassionate caregiver that grew to know and understand what Louise needed and who she was as a person.

*Names have been changed. 


Designed to promote brain health and quality of life through cognitively-stimulating activities in a familiar home environment, our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ offers clients one-on-one cognitive stimulation alongside an improved level of engagement and overall happiness. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ was developed based on cutting-edge scientific research and is consistent with growing evidence such as the ACTIVE study funded by the National Institutes of Health, suggesting that cognitive stimulation is associated with long-term brain health benefits. CTM currently includes over 20 activities targeting the five cognitive domains: executive functioning, attention, language, visual-spatial perception, and memory.

24/7 Personal Care for Stroke Recovery

According to the National Stroke Association, Stroke is the third leading cause of death in America and a leading cause of adult disability. From hospitalization to home recovery, Home Care Assistance Caregivers make life easier for people who have suffered from a stroke or neurological disorder. Our passionate and professional Milwaukee Stroke Caregivers are trained to provide personal one-to-one attention and assist with daily activities, mobility and much more. Whether in the home, hospital or assisted living, a Home Care Assistance Caregiver provides individualized, round-the-clock, observation. Having a Caregiver also enables rest, free time and peace of mind for family members, knowing your loved one will never be alone. We can also help with transportation to doctor and physical therapy appointments and more.

Comprehensive Parkinson’s HOME CARE

Parkinson’s disease may restrict movements, but it doesn’t have to restrict life. Our specially trained Milwaukee Parkinson’s caregivers make life worth living again for those that have trouble controlling their movements due to the effects of Parkinson’s disease. We place highly trained individuals in the home to ensure that quality of life flourishes. As the need for assistance increases, so does the level of care, providing comfort to people affected by Parkinson’s.

Providing Comfortable Hospice Care at Home

Hospice care is best at home. When loved-ones reach the stage where curative treatment is no longer prudent or possible, Home Care Assistance can improve and enrich their end-of-life experience. Through compassionate collaboration with a hospice company, Home Care Assistance provides continuous, one-on-one care in the comfort of home. Our skilled Caregivers promote quality of life and dignity, all while bringing peace of mind and respite for the family. Home Care Assistance allows those facing the end of their journey to be surrounded by the familiar environment of home. Access to family, favorite foods, pets, memorabilia, and neighbors brings a sense of connection, peace, and meaning, helping the individual enjoy the remainder of life.

Professional Hospital Sitters Available 24/7

If your loved one is hospitalized or you are a hospital professional with a special-needs patient who needs round-the-clock monitoring, you can trust Home Care Assistance for fast and reliable hospital sitters. Our hospital sitters have a wide range of skills and backgrounds to fit your needs and are available immediately, supply companionship that reduces a patient’s boredom and depression, and enable the patient’s family to go home and rest, knowing their loved one will never be alone. Home Care Assistance hospital sitters are experienced, bonded, insured, and rigorously-screened.


The Balanced Care Method™ recognizes and works through the important connections between diet, exercise, mental challenge, and social ties in reducing stress and creating an enjoyable life for seniors at home and independently. We train our Caregivers in the Balanced Care Method™ to promote total health and independence for seniors, extending and enhancing their lives every step of the way. Home Care Assistance is the only senior care solution with an emphasis on healthy longevity and happiness with smart lifestyle choices. The Balanced Care Method™ promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the healthiest possible diet while always respecting individual dietary preferences, fostering mobility and health through physical activity, and maintaining social ties as part of a full, meaningful life.

“You have been nothing short of professional and have provided me and my family with wonderful direction and information. I will not hesitate to refer friends and family to your business/service when their loved one needs assistance.”

L. B., Milwaukee County

“Please say ‘Hi’ to both Caregivers. They were great and many times my Dad remarks how those boys were so good at handling me. Best of wishes to you for continued success with your service.”

P. M., Waukesha County

“We very much appreciate your efforts in helping our Mother and Dad to be safe and we are very happy that Dad seems to be getting more alert and stronger.”

C. B., Milwaukee County