As senior care experts who recognize and respect the individuality of our clients, our Care Managers are bound by a set of values that unequivocally places client wellbeing and safety above all else. Our clients and their families depend on our Care Managers for long-term support as they navigate the complex and often emotional aging process. HCA hires only the very best caregivers in Wisconsin, training them in a Balanced Care approach which emphasizes safe care protocol and physical and mental engagement. If you or an elderly loved one needs high-quality care and companionship, Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin is here to help.



Home Care Assistance’s caregivers are at the core of the home care experience. They are carefully selected to deliver the highest quality of care and must demonstrate compassion, professionalism, and dedication to our clients. Unless caregivers are highly trained and educated, compassion and commitment alone are not enough to deliver exceptional care. We learned that from day one and quickly responded by starting the Home Care Assistance University, the first of its kind in the senior care industry. Our extensive training combined with our complementary caregiver matching service has made a life-changing impact on both our caregivers and the senior clients they serve. Our University ensures that we provide our compassionate and rigorously screened caregivers with the ongoing training they need to better serve our valued clients. Furthermore, all Home Care Assistance caregivers are experienced, bonded, insured, and rigorously-screened.





“I have witnessed over and over again, how great care contributes to longer, happier lives for our aging seniors.”

    Almost 10 years ago, Rick started Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Wisconsin with one goal in mind: to set a higher standard of excellence in home care. From that day forward, he has committed himself to providing the highest quality of care to each and every client.

    “At HCA, great care starts with our amazing team of Client Care Managers who are highly experienced Certified Social Workers. They lead a team of hand-picked caregivers who deliver customized care for each and every client. Each caregiver on staff has gone through a labor-intensive hiring and screening process. Once hired, they participate in a series of proprietary training sessions and refreshers throughout their career at HCA.”



    “Working with Seniors and their Families is incredibly rewarding. Over the years I have seen how important great Caregivers are in the life of the Senior. When I have the chance to partner with the great Caregivers we can all make a much greater impact on the quality of care we provide and in the quality of life for the Senior and their entire family!”

      Sabrina began her career over 12 years ago as a caregiver, which ignited her true passion for working with seniors. Since that initial, transformative experience, she has dedicated her life to nurturing the management skills and expertise necessary to care for aging adults.

      Over the past 10 years, Sabrina has honed her social work skills, gained important professional credentials, and developed an in-depth understanding of how to care for seniors throughout the aging process.

      Most recently, she served as the Director of Social Services at a large nursing & rehabilitation facility while working for HCA on the weekends as support for both our clients and other caregivers.

      Sabrina is thrilled to resume her career with Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin and change the way the world ages.



      “It’s nice to work in a company where the owner is committed to the client as well as the caregivers. Loyalty and respect are big for a caregiver and at HCA you receive both.”

        Jessica leads the scheduling team that is tasked with ensuring the right caregiver is in the right place at the right time. Like many in her family, Jessica was born with the “caring gene.” Her father is a hospital administrator, her mother is a CNA, and the rest of her family is composed of social workers, nurses, and administrators. Jessica decided to pursue her own path and became a child behavioral specialist and published author. While in school, she took a part-time position at a nursing home and that is where she found her true calling. Jessica has an innate sense for what it takes to be a great caregiver. In her leadership role at HCA, she offers our caregivers the support and guidance needed to succeed.



        “My favorite thing about Home Care Assistance of Wisconsin is the sincere dedication we commit to the families we serve. Watching relationships blossom between our caregivers and clients is the truest reward of our work.”

          Sydney is our Client Service Manager and the “go to” person when our clients need support coordinating their Long-Term Care Insurance, have a question about their invoice, or need assistance with other administrative aspects of the business. She is a problem solver and a master at removing obstacles on behalf of our clients.



          “While some individuals become caregivers for a paycheck, others do it because they are born to care for others. At HCA, I search for caregivers that have what I call the ‘caring gene.'”

            As our Hiring and Staffing Lead, Bianca strives to find the most qualified and compassionate caregivers in Wisconsin and then expertly matches them with our clients. At HCA, our caregiver hiring criteria and evaluation process are vigorous, hiring only 1 in 50 applicants. When the match is right, it’s amazing to witness how powerful the bond between client and caregiver can be.